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U-Ade - Jersey United Partner

Jersey United has partnered with U-ADE, the world's first sport specific drinks formula. To read about the partnership please click here.

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Ordering For Your JU Player

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About U-Ade

Soccer Specific Formula

Soccer is a demanding sport and requires premium nutrients to perform at a high level. Soccer players can cover anywhere from 4.5 to 7 miles in a game. There is a substantial need in soccer athletes for carbohydrates and essential fluids - before, during, and after every game. Carbohydrate intake is optimal for peak performance. As a soccer player, U know each game has a different outcome, and if U are low on carbohydrates and other fundamental nutrients, it could mean the difference of falling behind, winning less 50/50 challenges, or ultimately losing the game. 

We here at UpTempo Sports want every soccer player who takes the field to be primed to Play-Better, which is why we created an optimal soccer specific performance drink - just for U. Our research team is dedicated to your needs so U can Be U. Play-Better.® 

For more information on the science behind our soccer formula, click here


The Game Has Changed

What is U-ADE™?

U-ADE™ is the first ever sports drink of its kind. Unlike any other sports drink on the planet, every U-ADE™ has a unique formula specific to the sport U are playing. Every ingredient allows U to replenish your body as U play your sport.

Will U-ADE™ help me score 10 goals in a soccer game?

Unfortunately, no. We have formulated these drinks so that you are primed efficiently to play your best. U-ADE™ cannot predict the outcome of any game, however, it can fuel U so that U can perform at Ur highest level. U-ADE™ is not able to enhance individual talent and or performance, that's why U must also just Be U!

Will U-ADE's™ Soccer Specific Formula help me play-better?

The U-ADE™ Soccer drink is formulated to provide each and every athlete the proper nutrients to play the game of Soccer. However, only U are responsible for how well you play the game. So remember, practice makes perfect!

How is U-ADE™ different from other sports drinks?

U-ADE™ is infused with 100% levels of Vitamin C, Vitamins B6 & B12, and Vitamin D. Each vitamin plays an integral role in the performance of any athlete. U-ADE™ also provides 100% of Niacin commonly known as Vitamin B3, which uses fuel from carbohydrates, and helps recovery. In addition, U-ADE™ uses natural ingredients that your body already produces, and it only contains natural colors.

Does the U-ADE™ Soccer drink have a lot of sugar?

U-ADE™ contains about 13g in the Soccer drink, because sugar is needed for soccer athletes due to all of the cardiovascular elements of the game. This dosage of sugar is prime for any soccer player, and can help enhance your performance.

What does it mean when you say sport specific?

There is no other sports drink like U-ADE™. The sport specific concept recognizes that each sport is different, and each athlete needs a variety of ingredients to play their sport at a high level. For example, should an offensive lineman in Football drink the same drink as a pitcher in Baseball? Are these sports the same? Are these athletes tasked with the same requirements to compete at a high level at their position? The answer is no, so how can each athlete drink the same drink and expect to benefit from the same ingredients? U-ADE™ is the answer to this revolutionary question.

How do you know what the body needs for each sport?

We have developed a team of players, coaches, nutritionists, and sports medicine professionals to collectively create formulas that will aid each athlete to Play-Better. Our team has many years of experience in sports, and we created sport specific formulas based off of the athletes’ needs.

Where can I buy U-ADE™?

U-ADE™ is considered a premier product, therefore it will only be available at select tournaments and leagues across the United States. U can log onto to find a tournament near you. Also, we will be selling our product online at for every athlete to order, enjoy, and play-better.

How much U-ADE™ should I use for a single serving?

We recommend 4 tablespoons of U-ADE powder per 16.9 ozs of water (a standard water bottle). You can adjust that amount according to taste.

So if you have a sports drink specifically for Soccer, do you offer any drinks for any other sports?

Soccer is the first drink we produced nationally, but we do have formulas created for Football, Basketball, and Baseball. These sports drinks will be coming soon so athletes can play-better!

Where is U-ADE™ made?

U-ADE™ is made in the USA, and formulated in the great state of New Jersey.

Does U-ADE™ have caffeine?

None of our products contain caffeine. Scientific data doesn’t support the benefits of athletes consuming caffeine for enhancing performance.

Is U-ADE™ safe for children?

U-ADE™ is a sports drink for all ages, and is perfectly engineered for children because it is DYE FREE. Many sports drinks on the market today contain dyes to increase the perception of taste/flavor and increase consumer awareness. U-ADE™ is concerned with the safety of our product for our consumers, therefore offering ONLY natural flavors, colors and other natural ingredients.

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